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  • Junk Addicts, Junk Addicts Unite, Giveaway The Junk Addicts Unite Giveaway Winner

    The winner of the Junk Addicts Unite Giveaway is… So, can I just say, first, that the drawing of the giveaway winner was completely random… but is anything in life ever really random? I believe not. I met this Junkie through the comments she left and it made me proud that my little blog has followers that are funny, creative and … READ MORE

  • Junk Drunk, The Junk Drunk Link Party, Junk Addicts The Junk Drunk Link Party

    It’s time to party with junk! Three Junk Addicts participated in the first ever Junk Drunk Link Party last Friday.   Little parties with kindred spirits are just as fun as big blowouts, don’t you think? City Girl Arts created a magnificently shabby and weathered set of “Junky Old Doors.”  My heart did a little pitter pat when I saw the layers … READ MORE


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