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  • Junk Drunk, The Junk Drunk Link Party, Junk Addicts The Junk Drunk Link Party No. 3

    Welcome back to the Junk Drunk Link Party! Since I screwed up and The Junk Drunk Link Party didn’t happen for several weeks, let’s review what kind of party we’re kicking off here… First off, what does “Junk Drunk” mean? Junk Drunk is being intoxicated by the effects of a good find, snookered over salvage, adrenaline trashed over antiques, pickled … READ MORE

  • Old House Chic Grudge Match Series, DIY, Farmhouse Table Grudge Match Round One: Me versus My Project

    I went to Home Depot on a Saturday morning, bright and early.  I am a loyalist to Home Depot for the simple fact that it’s the store my family always chose and I get such a kick out of their employees, especially on this particular Saturday. I walked confidentally through their doors and headed straight towards the lumber section- I had … READ MORE


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