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  • Junk, Junk Mobsters, Junk Shopping, Junk Addicts, Junk Addicts Unite Junk Mobsters Part 2

    After the Mobster Junk Shop refused to sell me anything, I swore I would never go back.  I swore right out loud, in multiple phone calls, to my poor mother who probably thought she was talking to a teenager again- “Why won’t he call me?!”  Instead, I was yelling, “Why won’t they sell anything to me?!  Can you believe this??  … READ MORE

  • How To, DIY, Do It Yourself, Make it yourself, Homemade, home made, How To Saturdays, Chalk Paint Recipe How To Saturdays: DIY Chalk Paint

    Today is the beginning of a new feature on Saturday mornings on the Old House Chic Blog: The How To Saturdays idea actually came from one of my awesome readers, who gave me feedback and caused an avalanche of inspiration and ideas.  She was also the winner of our Junk Addicts Unite t-shirt giveaway.  Thank you, Sandy, for your invaluable … READ MORE


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